About Us

Our Mission

INSPIRE Sport is a non-profit organisation dedicated to delivering multi-sports sessions to anyone with additional needs. We strive to provide a safe, all-inclusive, active, fun environment where you are given the opportunity to experience different sports skills, learn how to follow rules, work with partners and small groups and improve your fitness and wellbeing.

Head Coach

Maggie North, chair and head coach of INSPIRE Sport, has taught sport including tennis and squash in the borough for many years. She is inspired by the positive fun the athletes and volunteers get from these Monday sessions and wants to grow the appeal in 2014.

Chris Burchill (fundraising and marketing) joined the team of INSPIRE Sport volunteers as a helper in 2013, with a love of sport and all things web related! He enjoys the laughs we have on Mondays and will help Maggie increase the number of attendees in 2014 so that volunteers can organise several different activities to suit everyone.

Our Committee

Maggie North (coach, chairman, volunteers, welfare), Emma Joy (treasurer, insurance, social media), Chris Burchill (marketing, fundraising, web support), Sandie Barker (ambassador), a member representing the boys, a member representing the girls, a parents/guardians representing the adults

A committee representing the club comprising of a member representing the boys, a member representing the girls, 2 parent users representing the volunteers/adults, Chris Burchill, will meet once a term to develop strategies, discuss initiatives, review policies and solve problems.

Our Volunteers

Inspire Sport relies on volunteers from local schools, colleges, and universities to give our students and adults a taste of sport and a lot of fun on Monday evenings.
Callum Quick, ex-volunteer student from Saint Mary’s University, Twickenham said:
“It’s really fun to be able to help. I took some Inspire Sport students with Maggie down to the Special Olympics in September and it was great to see the fun and fulfillment they got from competing in these games. It also helps me with inclusivity modules for my degree in Sports Management.”

How we Started

Kingston Council founded the Inspire initiative a decade ago to improve the lives of special needs young people and adults in the borough. Inspire Sport has grown out of this initiative to offer exercise and sports training for people with special needs and to feed into the very successful Special Olympics Surrey team.

Club Documents

Junior membership form
Inspire-Sport Child Protection Policy
Inspire-Sport Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy
Code of conduct for club officials and volunteers
Guidelines for dealing with an accident
Accident incident report form
Equity policy statement