Alice is Member of the Month April 2019

Alice Member of the Month April 2019 Inspire-Sport

Alice has been a member of INSPIRE for over 10 years and continues to come because its fun, cool, and she can see Ronnie and her other friends.

Alice enjoys many sports: horse-riding, line dancing, tennis, all the warm up games she plays when she can tag someone. She’s not keen on the team games but likes the easy balancing ones. She has also enjoyed canoeing.

Alice’s biggest challenge has been to win medals in SOS (Special Olympics Surrey) athletics, so she has worked hard and gained many medals. She is very good at darts as she has great hand eye co-ordination and she has recently enjoyed putting the shot.

She has many hobbies including making stained glass windows

Stained Glass Windows by Alice Inspire-Sport
Stained Glass Windows by Alice, Inspire-Sport


Landscape by Alice Inspire-Sport
Landscape by Alice, Inspire-Sport


Being a boom operator during film making with Free Wheelers.

Alice loves acting and has acted at the Orpheus centre Godstone. She has been a punk, and two characters in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream, Tanya and Hermea. She has also enjoyed making shadow puppets out of cardboard and then putting them into shows.

Alice likes to eat margarita pizzas, mincemeat, jacket potatoes, baked beans, curries, chicken nuggets and syrup puddings!

She enjoys comedies on TV like “Open all hours” and “Only Fools and Horses” she also likes Stickley come dancing. Her favourite colour is yellow.
Alice has one brother Adrian, and two sisters. She has a parrot, a cat and tropical fish and is an aunty to 3 nieces and 3 nephews and leads a very busy life!

Well done Alice.

Main picture – Alice at Lee Valley indoor athletics centre waiting to compete for Special Olympics Surrey team.

Article by Maggie North, Head Coach