Member of the Month May 2018 Ronnie Lee

Ronnie Lee Member of the Month May 2018

Ronnie has been a member of INSPIRE for more than five years and he continues to attend because he likes to keep fit, see everybody and try out new sports that he hasn’t played before. Ronnie loves playing badminton, handball, football, hockey and athletics.

Ronnie started taking part in the park runs last December he has done 16 at Nonsuch and 1 at Bushey these are 5k runs over different courses. His best time is 28min 58 seconds and he is loving the challenge of 5k. He doesn’t mind the cold weather and once he ran in the snow (but he wouldn’t do that again!)

Ronnie’s greatest challenge to date was when he was disqualified in Sheffield last year at the Special Olympics GB National competition. He had been training hard before the event and produced a PB in 400m of 66seconds as this was 15% better than his previous PB he was disqualified. However, he had thought he had won the gold medal it wasn’t until he was lining up to receive his medal that he was told that he was disqualified. Ronnie said it was the worst day of his life but since then he has continued to train, work hard and perform well.

Ronnie describes himself as a lovely, smiley person who is focused, hardworking and determined. He considers himself a good team player (especially in the relay) as he is always encouraging other athletes. He likes going to the cinema, shopping in Kingston and going out to lunch with his family and friends. His favourite colour is red and blue and he is an avid Chelsea supporter. His favourite drink is strawberry milk shake a he loves all food. Ronnie’s pet hate are drivers who can’t drive i.e. change lanes without indicating or not letting emergency services pass.

Ronnie is looking forward to working at Flipping Amazing at Surbiton Farmers market where he will learn the skills of running a crepe making business. He is also looking for permanent employment now and thinks maybe in administration. We wish him good luck in his search.