Member of the Month, Stefaan

Stefaan Inspire-Sport

Hi, I’m Stefaan,

I’ve been a member of INSPIRE from 2016.

I wish continue to be a member because I need to improve my abilities [both] mentally & physically.

I’m doing athletics, football, bowling, cricket, climbing & multi activities.

I wish to compete in international Special Olympics games [and] that’s my biggest challenge! I won some medals at Portsmouth, Lee Valley & Eastbourne events but I won 3 gold medals at [the] anniversary games at Stirling-Scotland. That’s my most greatest achievement.

I like to do football, bowling, singing, dancing & cooking, apart from athletics. My favourite food rice & beef / chicken curry.

Harry Potter, sports, boxing, wrestling & music are my favourite TV programs.

I’m a student of foundation learning section at a [local] college. I’ve many desires & dreams in my life. If I achieved some things that’s [on] behalf [of] my parents, teachers, trainers, supporters & well wishers [and] with God’s blessings.

I want to be a good sportsman with your support and blessings, thanks.